pper and Mona Lisa by Leonar


to play a drama▓ as in the paintings. When I find an appropriate vegetable which perfectly fits the

scene or t

he costume of the character, I'm very excited." Anyone▓ for Da Vinci's Mona Lisa composed of Chi

nese cabba

ge, kelp, celery, tofu, pepper and potatoes? Or a la▓st Supper, lovingly prepared with ginger, rad▓i

do Da Vinci, and Vince

sh, tomato, mushrooms, bean curd, seaweed and rape? A Chinese artist is taking the sensual sid▓e of food to its ultimate extreme, by recreating Western masterpieces out of vegetables and photographing the results. On today's the List, let's see how the

  • nt Van Gogh's Self Portrait.To Ju, the qu▓irky idea of blending art and vegetables is na▓tural a
  • nd fun.Ju Duoqi said, "These western ma▓sterpieces are very theatrica
  • l and have magnificent scenes. I think it's fun to organize

artist chops, slices and eats her representations of the old masters. "La Liberte guidant le peuple", or

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